Security & Privacy Concerns?

Security & Privacy Questions:

Handling of Privacy Policy, Security Policy/Terms & Conditions?

This will be handled by the Haven Team and also advisors. These Terms, Policies and Conditions will be detailed describing all necessary information. Once the terms and conditions are released on the official website and app, if any users feel it needs something added or altered kindly send us an email. 

Information On:

Open Source Sever & End-To-End Encryption

This will all be handled by our web/app server providers, Amazon to start. We have carefully selected where we will host the Haven servers to ensure information of all users is secure. In addition, we will also be implementing additional net security in the near future for the app and website done through a net security firm. 

Audit of Proprietary Code

Our development team will be handling all auditing of codes. All code and software within the app is sole prosperity of Haven. We will promptly handle any and all concerns that are revealed by the audit upon completion.

Tracker & Analytics

Done through Google Analytics. 

Scrubbing of EXIF data of uploaded photos

Will be done though the backend of the Haven admin panel/dashboard.

Questions & Concerns About:

How Are Passwords Being Handled?

All passwords are secure in our back end data base to ensure no one gets ahold of your confidential information. Haven administrators will NOT be able to see users passwords, as it will secured by salted password hashing. 

Will We Be Using Two-Factor Authentication?

At the moment, we don’t feel as if two-factor authentication is necessary. However, in the future we are looking to that possibility and also multi-factor authentication.

Is Traffic Being Encrypted?

Yes, we have encryption and security from our server provider. As stated in an earlier point, we will be adding additional security and encryption through a net security firm. Rest assured that all your information is safe, secure and encrypted when using the Haven app or website.

Vetting for Mods/Staff

The moderators and staff at Haven Team are all internal, we have our team carefully selected from the start. In the future, we will be having user moderators for the forums section, however at launch only Haven Admins will have that power.

Handling of “Troll Accounts” and “Fake Accounts”

As you see on all social media websites this is an issue. We will do our best to keep the Haven site and app clean of “Trolls”, “Bots” and “Fake/Impersonated” users. Our admin team will be keen on moderating account and user actions/posts to make sure Haven is a welcoming place for all!

What's your target? USA or world-wide?

We plan to make the app available worldwide. However, the first roll out will be available in Canada and the USA. 

Do you make ad revenue?

We do not make ad revenue at this time, as we are offering free ad space for the businesses that we promote within the app.

Do you collect user data and sell it to third parties?

Once the app and website is fully launched the terms and conditions & privacy policy will outline the use of user data in full details. We are waiting to meet with our legal advisors about the most ethical way to go about handling this. 

Do you sell promotions to businesses?

At this time we are not selling anything, other than ad space to businesses as mentioned in a previous point. 

Where does the money come from?

The app has been funded entirely by the co-founders of Gender Revolutions. We do however, accept community donations, sponsorships and partnerships should the establishments practices and ethical conduct align with our core values. 

Feel free to contact us at if you have any additional concerns!

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